21 Day Fix – Cardio Fix




This is a great cardio routine and is the perfect level on intensity for my mom. She had trouble completing T25 workouts, and 10 Minute Trainer was a little too easy. This one however, gets her heartrate into the zone, and more importantly gets her motivated to workout. This workout is definetly not easy. Many of the exercises are shared with T25, P90X and Insanity, but there are 20 second breaks after each exercise. Which helps bring the heart rate back down, so that you do not burn out. The format of the workout is 4 rounds of 2, minute long exercises. You repeat each round before moving on to the next one. At the end of the 4th round there is a bonus exercise, which you also repeat. For my mom the most challenging exercises are the Skater Jumps, Burpees and Down & Ups.

The Exercises
The warm-up is 3 minutes long to get you loosened up and your heart pumping. It is the same warm-up done in every workout, except Pilates Fix and Yoga Fix. It starts with some jogging in place. You then transition into jumping jack. After that are windmills, which are just alternating arm circles. You go forward and then reverse the circles. After that you do some reaches to one side and then the other to stretch out the side. You then alternate reaching down to your toes, to stretch out the hamstrings. These stretches are not static, but are active, so you move the entire time. You then repeat all the warm-up exercises again.

Round 1:
Exercise #1 – Cross Jacks
These are not the same Cross Jacks from T25. Start with your feet apart and your arms straight out to your sides. Jump while crossing your arms and feet, so that your right foot lands in front and to the left of your left foot, and your right hand is higher and to the left of your body. Jump again opening everything back up. Alternate the front leg and top arm every time. Remember every exercise is a minute long.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #2 – High Knees
Put your hands in front of your waist. Now do a high knee jog, trying to bring your knees up to your hands.

20 Second Rest

Round 1 – Repeat
Repeat the first round, including the rests.

Round 2:
Exercise #3 – Skater Jumps
Start your right leg crossed behind the left leg, so that the right foot is behind and to the left of the left one. Bend down, keeping your back straight and bending your left leg slightly. Make sure to keep your chest up. Reach your rand hand towards the floor, and wrap your left behind you, like a speed skater. Jump to the right landing in the same position, but on the other side. Now jump back to the left. You switch the arms and legs every time you jump. This is tough move and clearly well regarded since Tony Horton and Shaun T, both use variations in P90X+ and Insanity Asylum.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #4 – Mountain Climbers
Get down on the floor in plank position. Now run with your legs, by bringing the knees in towards the chest. This is another Beachbody classic, used by Shaun T and Sagi Kalev

20 Second Rest

Round 2 – Repeat
Repeat the second round including the rests.

Round 3:
Exercise #5 – Reverse Lunges
These are just alternating reverse lunges. So step the foot back and go down into a lunge. This move is a cardio recovery move, so slow your pace down and focus on getting deep, with proper form.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #6 – Burpees
Now you understand why you had the recovery move. Bend down placing your palms on the ground under your shoulders and jump back to plank position. Jump your feet back in, and then jump up into the sky with your arms above your head. If you have done any Shaun T program, you should know these well.

20 Second Rest

Round 3 – Repeat
Repeat the third round including the rests. This time your left food is forward and your right foot is back for the Split Squats.

Round 4:
Exercise #7 – Lateral Squats
Start with your feet together and drop your butt down into a squat. Bring your hands together in front of you. Now take a step to the right with your right foot then step the left foot to the right, while staying in the squat. Then take another step to the right, before you go back the other way. Keep alternating 2 steps in each direction, while staying low in your squat. This is another move you may know from T25.

20 Second Rest

Exercise #8 – Oblique Knee Pulls
Seperate the legs and lean to the left, so that the right leg barely has any of your weight on in. Extend the right arm up into the sky, and put the left hand on your abs. For each rep bring the right knee up, while bringing the right elbow down, so that they meet half way. You do 30 seconds on the right and then 30 seconds on the left. If you want to make this more difficult keep your toe of the ground the entire time. You may recognize this exercise from Abs Core Plus, in P90X+.

20 Second Rest

Round 4 – Repeat
Repeat the second round including the rests.

Bonus Round:
Exercise #9 – Down & Ups
Bonus exercise! and it is yet another familiar move from Insanity. Start in plank position, no drop your right elbow to the floor directly under the shoulder. Then drop the left elbow to the floor, also directly under the shoulder. Then bring the right hand back under the shoulder and push up, then do the same on the left. Your shoulders should not move the entire time. You do 30 seconds leading with the right and then 30 seconds leading with the left.

20 Second Rest

Bonus Round – Repeat
Now do another 60 seconds of Down & Ups.

Cool Down
At the end of the workout there is a 3 minute cool down. This cool down uses static stretches to loosen up the body. The stretches include Child’s Pose, Sit and Reach, splits, a shoulder stretch, side stretching and a quad stretch.

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